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June 24, 2012



These dresses look great, girlie! YAY another sewing technique added to the tool box!!

Also: dang you own a lot of belts. Or that's how it seems to me. :) Perhaps not as many as it seems.

Oddly, you and I have seem to have very different definitions of what constitutes batik fabric. Generally the fabric I consider batiks is a lot stiffer than quilting cotton b/c it gets washed so many times in the dyeing process that the fabric loses most of its natural elasticity. This looks like a paisley woven fabric to me! :)


Love your dresses!!Must get back into sewing some time☺


These are awesome and look so fantastic on you!!


Beautiful! You really got the fit perfect.


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thank you for this! i MUST make this dress, and the FBA is making me tres nervous!!

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