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August 05, 2011



I so appreciate I'm not the only one who finds cleaning inspiration from watching "Hoarders"! Haha. Your sewing room looks great!


Gosh, Hoarders scares me. I'm planning a full-scale reorganization of my house now.

I like your sewing space and your magnetic tool holder is super cool!


it looks great, dude! more dresden plates please! :)


Looks great. I love the plate/magnet idea. I should make one. If I have a place within arms reach to put things, I wouldn't be constantly looking for them!

Paula Boren

Really looks great! You have put your creativity into it to make it really nice. You'll probably enjoy being in there a lot more.


Watching a marathon of Hoarders via Netflix did the same thing to me! I turned my walk-in closet into a sewing room (much to my fiancee's chagrin).

Also, love your tool holder! I did something similar, but I had some really strong magnets laying around (I think they might have been computer components at some point) and I attached them to the back of the plate, so you can't see them - it looks like the tools are floating!


Looks great! A beautiful and functional workspace makes crafting time so much more pleasant.

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