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February 07, 2008



Okay, that made me laugh because it's something my own grandmother would have done. I love that color blue. I can't wait to see what you whip up with it.


Wow. That grandma of yours sure is internet savy. ;) Love the new yarns, but I don't think you could get me to run for any of them. ;)


What a great grandma!!! I love Tess yarns also. It's my big treat at the MD fair every year....hey, 2 laps for a skein of BFL? Good deal! (I have to try some of that - I've been seeing it around a lot and am very intrigued!)


What a sweet little grandma - how thoughtful of a gift and keeping things fair - how perfect is that?! The yarns you link are gorgeous - I'm trying to be good - but I will put the shop in my "etsy" favorites for a low moment:) the Tess is also gorgeous - I recently got a skein for Christmas - it is so fabulously shmooshy!


Your grandma has excellent taste in yarn. I'd run laps for sock yarn. Good incentive system.


Yarn gifts are the best!

Oh, and I've started running lately, myself, so maybe that means I should be buying yarn, too??


I like your grandma! And the whole running thing, it's totally worth it.


What great yarns! I love the idea of running for yarn, that cracks me up.


What a wonderful grandma. Very clever, indeed. Those colors are so beautiful.


Great (and very clever) Grandma! :) I would so run laps for yarn.
The BFL sock yarn looks wonderful. You had me drooling at her shop for a good half hour before my guilty conscience kicked in (impending move across the country means yarn diet) and made me close the window.


Running laps for yarn is a healthy incentive no matter how you look at it.

...Great, Jake just looked over my shoulder and told me to 'put my money where my mouth is.' :(

He goes on to say that he will hold my yarn stash hostage until I start jogging. He said he wants to make sure I am around to knit him hats for all time.


Grandma has a fabulous eye for color! Thanks for the link to Mama Blue. That yarn was definitely worth the 800 yds.

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