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November 15, 2007



nice! i like your idea of winding the yarn in the opposite direction, even though you still got very different results given how the yarn was dyed.

how many single socks are you down to now? have they hit single digits?


Those are great! And if you are going for the "like a cherry tree" thing, then they are perfect. My cherry tree has these big twisty fat branches right next to long thin ones. Perfect.
I'm glad you are knitting faster than blogging because I am having a time keeping up with the blogs and this will only get worse with the holidays approaching!


I wish I had that problem!!!! Another pair done! You will need more single socks soon! :)


Knitting faster than you can blog is definitely a good thing. Your tree branch socks are great.

It suppose to be Fall, but the weather is so crazy. It was 60 degrees yesterday.


I love the colors in those socks! I have yet to try the pattern--is it fun, aside from the chart thing?


Lovely! I like the fact that you made them springy! Cherry Blossom Embossed Leaves! What a great idea!


Beautiful! You are really whipping through projects lately. I wish I had that problem. ;)


You know my feelings about pink. But brown, well I love brown. And I have to say, I like the way the colors work in the Cherry Blossom yarn, I am also a fan of the branching in the sock on the right. Nifty!


Another lovely pair! I like the differences between the socks, both the intentional and unitentional ones. It really makes them unique. And they have a good story.


Love how the brown twisted and pooled in different spots. It gives the socks a really organic look.


yummy!!! Can I eat them??


What pretty and interesting results. I love that you always try to achieve symmetry and take patterns just a little bit further. Nice.


Oh wow. It's so interesting how they turned out differently. Nicely done!


I just knit this pattern as a single sock--I really liked working it! I must say I'm disappointed in the intense pooling the Sundara caused! (Making mental notes.)


Very pretty! I knit my Embossed Leaves in a very similar pink because I liked your first sock so much - nice to see the finished pair.


beautiful socks and the colour is nice.

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