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October 23, 2007



Wow, what a wonderful haul of loot - but also a wonderful day of connecting with other knitters - it sounds like the best day ever!:) So glad you enjoyed every second and found some new friends along with your amazing deals!


Aounds like you had a wonderful time! And all the stuff you got! Your post has definitely made me want to put this on my "to see" list for next year.


Hooray for getting to meet in person!

Love the pics of your haul. You'll be busy for a long while!


It sounds like you had a fantastic time! And your stash has been replenished with yummy goodness. Thanks for sharing.


Great recap of the weekend! And you know what I notice most about that last pic, it really is weird seeing me using your purse! ;)


wow! what a flurry of activity! I can't even imagine how crowded that party must have been! all those knitters! sounds like you had a great time though, and got some wonderful yarn!


You did a very good job of shopping! Rhinebeck IS overwhelming (at least the first time).


Wow, you got some gorgeous yarn! It was great seeing you at the festival and the Ravelry party. I'm still recovering from the huge fun and am glad I took Monday off from work. All I want to do is go home & knit with my Rhinebeck yarn!


Did you get the Aussi Sock yarn at Seaport Yarns booth? I remember seeing some sock yarn at their booth for an incredible price, but I don't remember what kind it was. I didn't look too long there since Seaport Yarns is only 5 subway stops from where I live.

That Solana yarn is awesome! I couldn't stop touching it when I was there.

It was nice meeting you. I saw you coming out of the Shelridge Farm booth and immediately recognized you. If I didn't run into you there, I don't think I would have went into their booth. Their yarn was great!


The first (and only) time my dad went to Costco he emerged two 1/2 hours later, dazed and carrying only a huge jar of mayonnaise. I'm always afraid that's how I'd be after Rhinebeck - sort of confused and wondering how I ended up with just a putridly colored skein of boucle that would never become an FO. :) Looks like you had a fabulous time and shopped brilliantly, though!


I'm sure I would be completely overwhelmed too. At OFFF I kind of ran away from all the yarn and hung out with the goats for most of the afternoon! But I'm glad you persevered, cause you got some good loot -- that Solana is stunning.


HOORAY for Rhinebeck! it was nice to meet you and run into you throughout saturday. sounds like you had a blast!

Susan Pandorf

Sounds like fun. Next year, I'm THERE!!!!



Great purchases! It was nice to meet you in person, and I'm sorry we didn't make it to the Ravelry party to chat more.


It was nice meeting you too, Kristy! Your purchases all look fabulous.


It was great spending the day with you and Jessica! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with all that amazing yarn you picked up. :)


I was looking for some of the red solana that you acquired last year too... Next year perhaps? Good buys!


Good Times! :D Looking forward to May already. Might spend less time buying yarn *gasp* and enjoying the festival/meeting folks.


I'm loving all the Rhinebeck posts since I'll probably never get to go! Glad it was fun!


Hey! A little Ravelry told me that today is your birthday! Hope you have a happy one!


Sounds like a great time! I can't wait to get my first shot at Rhinebeck! Love your take home! Great fiber!


Looks like you had a great time! I actually considered making the trip from MI. Maybe next year.

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