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May 09, 2007



They're all so pretty! I totally agree with you about the brown on the Cherry Blossom yarn. Also, I like how the pattern goes all the way to the end of the toe. Is that how the pattern is written or did you modify it? Either way, very nice!


those came out great! I love the little splashes of brown. Lucky you in Sundara's club!!!! Hers has to be my favorite sock yarns and patterns I've seen. When it opens up again, I may just have to join!


The embossed leaves came out really cool! I like what you're doing with the STR so far too. The Petals one is really pretty. Great pattern choices! Enjoy your trip. :)


I love the single sock movement! All of them look great!


Your cherry blossom socks are so pretty. The brown adds just the right touch.


The Embossed Leaves sock looks gorgeous in pink - I even like the brown stiping - so unique.
The single sock movement is great - but won't they feel lonely soon? We'll have to find them a mate... :)

PS: Thank you for your good wishes - they worked.

pamela wynne

woot! woot! for single socks! and that Cherry Blossom is sooo pretty.


Loving all your single socks! But my head would hurt if I didn't finish both socks!


Single socks looking for love at Maryland Sheep and Wool. Will they find comfort and stability with a solid, or venture on the wild side with those crazy variegated types.

I envision sock puppets and a video camera...

Yeah anyway, I like them all, especially those splashes of brown.


Very, very pretty! May I ask a silly question? Why 1 of each? :)


Wow! Seeing all those socks really makes me want to start a working on my own single socks!! I love the way the embossed leaves sock turned out!


Beautiful! Such a pleasure to see all those patterns and all the different yarns. This single sock thing is working out brilliantly for your readers!


Love the socks, especially the Petal's collection colorway. Question on the Spiral Boot Socks: where are you putting the marker for the beginning of the round? I know the directions are very specific, but for the life of me, I don't understand what they mean. Does the round always begin with the K2tog or does the beginning shift as the pattern shifts?? I think I'm being way too obtuse!


Google Reader for some reason wasn't showing your new posts, so I am behind in commenting.

The embossed leaf sock is really beautiful! I like how it turned out in that yarn. And the new socks look great, too.


I've just discovered your blog, and all the socks you have knitted inspire me! Vey nice Embossed Leaves :-)

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