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February 05, 2014



Definitely no dots. with the dots around each block, it gets too busy with the dots on the sashing. I feel like the dots draw the eye away from the awesome stars. Whereas the white sashing allows the stars to shine (pun intended!).


I like the plain white.


I vote for the plain white, given the dots around each block.


i like the white as well. i didn't want to get swayed by the comments so i didn't read them until i made my decision!

i love polka dots but i think these dots are too big to go with the squares. mini dots would almost read like a solid and might be a good compromise if you really want dots?


Guess I'm the only one who votes for the dots. I love the cute business the dots add.


I was thinking "the dots, the dots, the dots". Then I read the comments and i'm surprised. The white tones it down but is that really what you were looking for? The dots pop!


The dots. More lively, and the color is a nice compliment to the orange.

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