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March 11, 2012


Paula Boren

How about "improvising" by planning it out? Pick out a song you know and like and come up with an alternate melody line that you can practice.


oh gosh, i plan my improv all the time. there are lots of measurements and placements to consider--especially if there are fabric constraints. so i think we're the same.

your Venezia sweater is gorgeous! i aspire to knit something so fabulous.

Karen S

I think a lot of my creativity starts slowly when I am alone, but then takes flight when I talk with people about it.

You do make some beautiful things, and here on the blog, you know what to say, so perhaps it's not that different? ;)


thanks for sharing!
i'm not so much of a planner, but i do THINK about things for along time before i really do them. when i learned to knit i read patterns and books before i really even understood what they were talking about so i could get a feel for things. sometimes ideas marinate for years before i actually get started. this is also my excuse for hanging onto a lot of stash yarn and fabric- it takes me awhile to get into the idea of things. :)


Improvisation is its own beast. I know many very talented musicians who can't improvise worth a darn. Does your teacher think you'd be good at improvisation, and so that is why they are pushing it, or do they just think everyone should have to try to learn to do it?

I tend to plan, and usually I give some self some constraints. If planning weren't "allowed" for creativity, there couldn't be any creative buildings or bridges.

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