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February 26, 2012



They're gorgeous, girlie! I'm sure they will feel they got 100% of what they paid for!

Karen S

Beautiful gloves both pairs! I'm sure your neighbours will love and treasure them.
But you are right, I feel challenged about selling my things too, because honestly I don't like knitting if I don't know the person, and even then, it may become a "must do" instead of a "want to do", which I like better.


oh, these are lovely! i must admit that i get super nervous whenever i sell something and even more terrified when someone commissions me to make for them. you're right to retain creative control b/c it's a giant pain to try to finish compulsory knits and quilts. oy.


Where do you get the smart phone fabric from? I bought somem gloves with it on there because I didn't know you could buy it.
Oh, I do love the gloves. I crochet but haven't dared to try any gloves, yet.

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