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February 11, 2012



i love the idea of making fully utilitarian gloves. and you carried this off perfectly! so lovely.


They look great! Wonderful, manly stitch pattern. I know you were nervous about making them grippy. The vinyl looks good! And the high tech fabric makes them super-useful. I've only heard of the thread that you knit in. The fabric may be a better choice for the mittens I'm working on now.


The gloves are so awesome! Well done. I love the grips and high tech fabric you added. I recently purchased some gloves that has the fabric added to the index fingertip. Very cool indeed.

Happy Blogiversary!


Great gloves - I admire you for doing the finishing, I have some gloves I made for my hubby 2 years ago (!) and he's been asking for some adjustments to make them more grippy. I have yet to do anything about it - you may have inspired me!
And happy blogiversary to you - I am a (usually) silent lurker and really enjoy your posts. You actually inspired me to learn to sew, although all I've officially made so far are 2 pillow covers and an apron of which I'm ridiculously proud (I made and applied bias binding! Yipee!). Everything you make is beautiful and looks great on you. Just wanted to let you know!


Wow - beautiful knitting and terrific problem-solving and innovation on the grip/iPhone accommodations! Really, really nice. I was surprised about the hand in glove while sewing - my suggestion would be to use an empty carton, bottle, or wooden dowel, post or small piece of PVC piping, next time and spare both you and David the worry!

Jim Boren

D A D Loves the Gloves!

They are beautiful, fit perfectly, are great for driving, and are WARM.

Thanks Punkin!


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