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December 07, 2011



oh wow, that plaid dress is so classy and fits you perfectly! i am in awe of your garment sewing.

pinterest mainly just makes me want to bake sweets. heh.


I recently joined Pinterest and am absolutely addicted! Actually, one of the first pins I made linked to you: http://pinterest.com/pin/286611963755217018/

Mostly I have been snapping up recipes (so far 3 entrees from pinterest boards have joined my normal dinner rotation).


Thank you for explaining to me the etymology of "Pinterest" (and thus how to pronounce it). I'd seen people referring to it and had no idea what it was or how to parse that word. Your dresses are classy and look great on you!


I laughed when I saw your post title! I have made several crafts and cooked recipes I've found there. Pinterest is so much fun! I've always loved your B4443 dresses and this winter version is great, too.


Awesome job with the collar on the plaid dress, looks so pro. I love wool dresses in the winter and they're so hard to come by.

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