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June 19, 2011



great projects! i'm eyeing my sock yarn to use up next. the variegated must go! ...but i'm not sure how.


I've been using mine for those "mini shawls" that have been so popular these days. Although I don't find I wear them that much...


Those fish socks are adorable!
I've made one small shawl of my own design using leftover sock yarn. The basic color scheme were cool blues and greens, and many of the yarns were multicolored; every time I switched yarn, I chose a new one that had at least one color in common with the previous yarn. I also chose simple stitch patterns that were a multiple of 2 or 2+1 st and less than 4 rows long. That worked really well. I'd like to do it again with a brighter, redder based palette. I called the first project NELOSYS (never-ending left-over sock yarn shawl).


Honestly, I haven't really knit enough socks that I would need to do anything with the leftovers. I love those fish socks! I will have to keep that in the back of my head for a future season of many leftover yarns.


I make more socks with my leftovers. Little bits of self striping yarn make great contrasting toes, heels and ribbing at the top of socks.

I also have plans for a few pairs of crazy socks. I put coordinating leftovers in a bag, and when it looks like enough, just make crazy striped socks. Wah hoo!

My mom is fond of making socks with accessories. She'll make a pair of socks, then make a matching skinny scarf, or tiny stuffed animal, or knitted flower. Sometimes the accessories are a little weird, but she's having fun, and that's what counts.

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