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August 25, 2010


Lisa R

I think you could totally pull off a shorter and/or more fitted skirt! Good job!


That is a great skirt! Wonderful color and the fit is perfect. There are lots of pretty knit dress patterns out now, I say go for it. I like your shoes. What brand are they?

Paula Boren

Absolutely gorgeous!


wow, it looks great!


Beautiful -- and looks great on you!


It is so pretty and looks great on you!


Very Cute!


Wow! I love it. It looks like it has lots of possibilities. Nice, cute, comfortable, skirt by day. However, add a cute petticoat and it has a bit more pzazz and can be dressed up.


Very nice!!

I'm enjoying your blog - I'm a knitter, sew-ist, and mom too. Wonderful.

Thanks for sharing the dress reviews. I think I'm similar sized and it helps to see them on a real person.


That skirt is so cute and looks great on you! I love your shorter haircut... kinda' sassy :)


Oh my. That's it. I'm going to knit this skirt. In the same colour, obviously ;)

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