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May 26, 2010



Wow - it is amazing what children can be inspired to do with the "right" grown-up for the job. Thanks for being one of those grown ups:)


Wow, those are both incredible quilts! And that's fantastic, that you were able to raise so much money for the school!


Oh, those are wonderful, & I love the photo of the lil shorties in their chairs, admiring their handiwork. :)

Paula Boren

Someday one of those children will look back and say that his or her creative inspiration began in a classroom making a quilt under the guidance of a very talented teacher.
Congratulations Kristy! Not only are they beautiful, you are also inspiring future creativity in those young lives.


wow, those are amazing quilts, Kristy!


That is wonderful! Such a nice thing you did.

Both quilts are beautiful! Congrats to you and the children for creating such wonderful art.


That After School quilt is GORGEOUS.


What a great way to combine your creative energy and work. The quilts are beautiful.


What great quilts! It's great that you can combine your talents with the childrens' to create such meaninful and beautiful quilts.


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