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January 19, 2010



Hurray for giant grannies! Yours looks great! I dream in crochet these days. Grannies are addictive.


Wow lady, that is impressive! What a great way to use what's left from your other projects. I find crocheting so much simpler than knitting, but I don't crochet unless I really have a hankering. Which happens every 5 years or so.


I was so pumped to learn crochet, then I sucked at, got distracted by a couple new knitting projects and crochet just fell by the wayside. Maybe I should make mastering the granny square my Knitting Olympics goal.
Your granny square is awesome BTW!


I have not felt a desire to crochet. But your Granny Square is lovely!


It looks fantastic! A great way to use up leftovers & stash.


I just learned to crochet over Winter Break! I was going to do a giant granny, but was finding I just preferred making smaller squares; the patchwork look really appeals to me. Your giant granny is looking great!!


I crochet on occasion. Your work is lovely!


Love your giant granny! My mum's a dab hand at crochet but i've never attempted a granny. Would like to though.


A few months back I really wanted a crochet hexagon blanket. There are some really lovely ones on Ravelry. I brushed up on crochet techniques and made a few hexagons, but I never made any more.

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