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November 24, 2009



I think they're beautiful, and you should feel great. I usually prefer just stockinette socks, or sometimes a rib. The colour is wonderful.


I think knitting in and of itself is rewarding, but it feels good to have it noticed sometimes too! So I say "Good Job! How does that make you feel?":)


First, great socks! :) Secondly, this offer much to think about, intrinsic vs. extrinsic and my sewing. I sew primarily because I want custom clothes that fit well and to allow myself creative expression, but I tend to dress from the inside out, too. In other words, I dress to please myself and if someone comments on it, I am pleasantly surprised. Lots to think about! Plus, I didn't realize this was a Montessori principle.


Great job on the cozy socks! Ooops, I mean, Look at all the knitting you did! How does that make you feel?


I think they look wonderful! I am more of a plain knit sock type of person myself. I knit fancier ones for other people.


Those beautiful socks coordinate so well with your shoes!


The socks look wonderful.

I really enjoyed this post, too! When I was in high school, I used to teach violin lessons at the Montessori school in my hometown. I tried to learn as much as I could about the teaching philosophy so that their lessons could just be a continuation of what they did during the school day. Intrinsic praise actually comes really naturally to me!


What a great post. I really enjoyed the sentiment behind it. Wear your socks proudly!


That is a beautiful brown! I find knitting a simple, comfortable pair of socks that fit me well very rewarding. I do "worry" that blog readers might think I'm taking the easy way out, but then I tell myself that's a silly thing to worry about.

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