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April 28, 2009



It's a beautiful and wonderful project. Really creative!

Liz K

ZOMG this is amazing!!! So beautiful!


WOW That is one amazing quilt!!!
You should be very proud! I think i'd want to keep it after all that though :)


Well done! What a great project for both kids and teachers to all contribute to. You have found your calling in teaching and crafting. I'm so glad they did so well at auction! Both quilts deserved to. Pretty awesome.


What a wonderful project for your students. You are a brilliant teacher! It turned out so beautiful! Love it!


This is such a wonderful project! I'm so glad it did so well at the auction.

Tara I.

Hi. I know this project it several years old, I am hoping it is still an active link. Did you do anything else to affix the fabric patches down, or just rely on the Steam-a-Seam? I would love to do something like this for my son's class, but I am concerned that the fusible adhesive won't hold up for the long term.

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