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September 23, 2008


Clumsy Knitter

Aw, heck, there's nothing wrong with some plain old stockinette every once in a while...just like there's nothing wrong with being "overqualified" for your job. It makes you happy and it's very important--those are two things that can't be measured by the size of your paycheck.


There's absolutely nothing wrong with plain, old stockinette. Sometimes the yarn looks better that way, as in your wonderfully striped socks. I can't imagine those in a complex stitch pattern; it would be totally lost. When my life gets stressful, I usually turn to stockinette, or garter, as a simple way to relax.

Personally, I think it's about finding your own personal bliss, and that's not necessarily found on the top of a mountain somewhere. Metaphorically speaking. :-)


Honestly, I have come to believe that misery is contagious and so is happiness and peace of mind. You benefit more than just yourself when you choose the positive path.

I too, have a high intellect, and fell into a miserable 15 year trap of doing things that smart people are supposed to do so as not to "waste" their brains. Which, when you step back from it a little ways, turns out to be mostly about what society arbitrarily values. I have one child in kindergarten and one in grade 3, and I see now (in ways I never dreamed pre-kids) that a teacher's intellect and creativity and problem solving skills make all the difference in the world. (For my special needs daughter, in particular, it has meant the difference between success and marginalization.) Our principal is an absolutely brilliant woman who could easily be CEO of a major corporation - she continually floors me with her analytic mind and strategic problem solving. I think I'm maybe rambling and gushing a bit, but seriously - apply your talents to helping these kids reach their potential and it will be one of the best contributions you could ever make to society.


nothing wrong with getting back to the basics!!!!


There's nothing wrong with mixing it up and giving your brain a break from time to time!

Liz K.

I've struggled a bit with this issue, since I don't work at all since having kids. This is where knitting became such a huge part of my life, as it gave me the chance to use some of that mental energy to solve problems and think creatively, rather than pouring way too much time and effort into raising my kids.

It is OK to live many different lives. You had your phase of highly-paid, intellectually challenged work, and now you are having your phase of rewarding, socially important, nurturing work. Just imagine what it next for you as you grow and evolve. It's exciting to consider, isn't it?


I love the comfort of a stockinette sock now and then. It's very soothing. As for stockinette in life, there's something to be said for not dreading Monday morning. Being smart is one thing, being smart enough to listen to your gut and to make your life something that makes you truly happy, that's another story. Sounds like you might be on your way.


That's a lot of sock to knit, but they look great. I can't imagine I would ever knit any that long, I prefer little ankle ones - anything for a quick knit!


I agree that stockinette is good for a break, and I can't imagine anything else with all those colors.

Happiness is more important than a paycheck, and you can use your intellect and creativity in this job. It's better not to be stressed.


Ditto Liz. Just wait until you hit the point where your highpoint of the day is consuming bon bons. Also, I sort of love plain stockinette socks, to be honest. Sometimes it is fun to let the yarn do the work.


Such pretty socks! I love the stripes - the stockinette has paid off:) Life is short - if you can enjoy going to work each day, have a great partner and make ends meet - what more can you ask for:)


Stockinette socks are zen and refreshing, especially for a pattern sock person like you. Not boring at all.
If you enjoy what you're doing at your new job and that horrible dread on Sunday night is gone, then you've made the right move. With all my degrees I should be doing something much more stressful and prestigious, etc, but to hell with all that. Happiness is more important than $$$ or pretige, etc.

Stephanie B

What could be wrong with stockinette socks when they are that pretty!


I think these are so cute! A little rebellious to have them a bit non-matchy. :)

Jen B

There is always a place for stockinette socks (especially when they show off those amazing colors).

There is no better age group to "waste" a high intellect on than 3-6 year olds. They are sponges & will absorb anything and everything that you throw at them. As a woman who stepped away from a job that amply rewarded my intellect - to raise my children (who really don't care where I went to college) - I must agree with the commentor who said to go with your bliss.


Some yarns and times call for stockinette, and you were smart enough to know that stockinette was how this yarn would shine.

The world always needs smart teachers who love what they do, so do it if you enjoy it! In the 90s there were articles in the news and a few books about lawyers and investment bankers dropping out of the rat race to become pastry chefs and the like. Perhaps some day you'll write a book of your experience going from the high-tech world to teaching, and thereby inspire others.

Beth S.

I knit more stockinette socks than any other kind. It's the only sensible thing to do with the loud, bright yarns that are so popular with us sock-knitters. I think you get points for recognizing that, and saving the fancy stitchwork for yarns that justify them. ;-)

I'm so glad to hear that you enjoy teaching. We need good teachers, and I believe we should pay them a LOT more than we do.


Oh, so much to say! Such a great post! My love for the stockinette sock is well-documented. But I also gave up a "challenging" smarty-pants corporate job that I disliked so much I had trouble sleeping Sunday night, for a less well-paid (and frankly less challenging) job. For now, it's exactly what I want - it leaves me time and energy to focus on my life outside of work. I'm not sure that will be enough long-term, but it works for now. It's all about what works for you, and if that is the intellectual equivalent of stockinette, more power to you!

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