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December 01, 2007



I love the grey, and it looks great on you. One week! That's amazing!


It looks great!! Funny how I had to close up the neck for the boy and you wanted it wider. Gotta love the one week sweater. :)


WOW! That is one quick knit and so beautiful! Good job.

Liz K.

Whoa! A week? That's amazing, even if the sweater sucked. Which is didn't. Which makes it even more amazing!


Wowza! It looks gorgeous! I am also shocked that you managed to knit it in so little time. It fits you perfectly!


Very nice! And very fast! That's a great colour, and it looks very soft and cuddly -- a perfect winter sweater.


I love it! Great job. You can just see how cozy it is!


It looks fabulous. It's such a great pattern, too. I fully expect to be making one myself one of these days (grin). And yes, I think of gray as a comfort color, too.


A week?! Wow! Very impressive:) The sweater is gorgeous!


Shut up -- you made that in a week?!? You speed demon, you. It came out great. Your mods are fanastic. It does look super comfy while tidy and flattering, too.


Wow, only one week? That's impressive! It looks great on you! I love the look of Cobblestone, and hope to knit another one for myself in a tweedier yarn one of these days.


One week - that's awesome! It looks totally warm and cozy - perfect for winter.


This is awesome! It looks great on you! What a perfect winter sweater! I wish I could knit that fast!


it looks fabulous! i can only imagine how great the yarn feels too. and i'm still impressed you finished it in a week!


Damn - one week?!? I'm impressed. Even more impressed that it's so cozy and cute and knit up so quickly!


love it! and so quick!


You look stunning!
[How are the wedding plans going?]


Awesome! I love your Cobblestone. That was truly a quick knit. It looks great on you!


Wow that is a speedy knit. It looks great. Nice and comfy and warm and just right for winter!


WOW! I'm going to forward this post to a friend who is working on this sweater right now. Really great! Makes me want to rethink making this for my husband!


I love it - looks fabulous!


wow - that is one quick knit! love the waist shaping and the color - it goes with everything! :)


That's one wonderful sweater!


So quick and so cute! This might be the nicest female-adaptation I've seen.


Good work! It looks cozy and fabulous. I feel like I should start my Cobblestone! And let me just say, your last past on running for yarn, it's kind of brilliant. I need to come up with something similar.


Holy heck! A beautiful sweater knit so quickly. I'm so impressed!

Beth S.

You knit that in a week?!... Okay, this one is going in my queue. A little instant gratification is a fine thing!

And it looks great on you! I share your enthusiasm for the deep greys, btw. :-)



And quick...geez. 1 week? Nice.

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