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November 27, 2007



I totally agree -- the upside of knitting the second sock isn't just that the first one is knit up already, but all the decisions have already been made too!

Beautiful socks and a perfect backdrop. (I have that same AI book.)


Very nice! I might have to try that pattern.


Lovely socks. I've only tried Cookie's monkey pattern (it got frogged) I may have to stick this on the list! And the yarn looks great too. Hmmm...that should be on the list then too!


I haven't knit it, but I think that's my favorite Cookie A. pattern. I really like the yarn Adam chose, too. The color and the subtle variegation work very well. You both did a great job.


What a great pair of socks. I especially like the color and the way the toe comes together.


The socks are beautiful - of course:) Nice job getting the pair done. I really want to try this pattern, and yarn nerd:)


Beautiful socks! Nice job to you and to Adam!


Beautiful socks, what a wonderful joint effort!


beautiful!!! i love how you put it perfectly - "the excitement of a first sock with the ease of a second" - brilliant!


Those are some nice socks.....


Gorgeous pair of socks!! That's a smashing pattern. Yarn nerd is on my list to try... glad to hear the endorsement!


It's sock knitting nirvana to knit one sock and have a pair. Thelonius is lovely. Enjoyed the nerdy out-dated books in the background too.


Love the socks! Can you tell who knit which one?


Awesome! Love the pattern/yarn color combo. Just don't show them to my boy ok? He'll want more sock yarn! ;)


Oh, they're SO beautiful. Great job!


Love the socks! Might need to find that pattern! And Adam would be proud of the books you are modeling in front of :-)


i love the close up of the toe closure! the yarn changed color a lot in that area and the rings are cool!

btw, i saw the books before i read your commentary and i was thinking "what is she doing with that 98 almanac? ;)". i just got rid of a ton of my old programming books, but i held on to the original C book i bought back in college. you know, like 8 years before your almanac :)


The socks are awesome. gosh that yarn color is so up my alley.


Oh, these are perfect!


Great color!

Susan Pandorf

Wow, now THAT'S what I call vesting in your interest...



Beautifully done by you and Adam!


The pair looks great Kristy! And I love the nerdy textbooks ;) I think I've even read some of those...having programmed in Java many years ago. 1.2 was such a simple time.

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