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November 30, 2007



what a neat idea - whittling down your stash and maybe getting a few miles in too! I love that tweed. I have put in my cart so many times at Webs but never bought it....


Dude, I would be running a marathon if I followed your clever system. Lovely tweedy yarn BTW.


It's so crazy it just might work! I wish you luck and I think it'll be fun to hear how this all unfolds.


Oh, if I did that, do you know how freaking skinny I'd be???? Christ. I might waste away. It's a very interesting idea, however. I don't know if I could bribe myself to run on a track but logging extra miles for yarn, now that's something...


That's a pretty sweet deal!


I wish you luck. Do you get to knit whle you're on the treadmill? :-)


Hee! I was wondering how you were going to work the distance bit. I think it's a great idea. It's good to have a contingency plan since sometimes something is so perfect and so on sale that you'll actually SAVE money by buying it NOW. :) Maybe I'll do something similar after my total fast (and the brief subsequent binge, of course) is over.


Very intriguing idea! And don't beat yourself up too much about the tweed. There's only so much deeply-discounted tweed any knitter can resist. Though it's possible I'm telling you this to pre-justify buying exactly the same yarn on my trip to Webs tomorrow. :)

Susan Pandorf

Whatever works...



Fantastic idea! I wonder if I have enough will power to join you! :)


I love the idea of this - just figure, if you do horribly at the yarn diet, you'll be in fantastic shape!

I've been sort of yarn dieting, but I've been somewhat lenient about it. I have purchased a couple of no-nos, but not half as much as I would have otherwise. My big weakness is yarn sales of sweater amounts of yarn, and I've managed to avoid them completely since going on the diet.

Good luck to you!




I know you can do it! I never do well with yarn diets.


Makes sense to me....although that would me I could never buy yarn again. :-)


Good luck! I can't do that. I hate running.


hhahaha David sounds like Moose.
When purging my closet a long time ago moose said for every new item of clothing I have to get rid of two old..... I did it but now that I have a quarter of the clothes he still expects the 2 old pieces to be taking a hike.... pretty soon i'll be walking around in the buff.


Wow. Didn't realize you were planning to do this that long. But still, I think you can do it! And like everyone else said, you'll be in great shape otherwise! :)


Great deal...and think of what great shape you'll be in for your wedding!! :-)

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