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November 18, 2007



Love the dishes!! Great colors, and I love the leaves. As for the 3-D piece; prop it up on the mantel or in a window! I have an embossing plate that I made out of cardboard in high school that is circular and I used to have it propped up in my old apartment in such a way; I'm seeking the perfect spot for it here.


i *love* the plates! the leaves are great and the colors works really well with it.


The ceramic plates are lovely. I love the shape and I'm always a sucker for a leaf motif.


Wow! Those plates are gorgeous! That is a beautiful design.

I'm sure you'll find the perfect place for the 3D sculpture, too. It is very nice and I like the way you were influenced by quilting/knitting.


Wow - the dishes are beautiful! Nice job. And the 3-D project, love that is is from quilting, bringing two worlds together!


The plates are beautiful. Apparently, knitting is not your only talent.


So. Cool! :) Thanks for sharing the dishes in person too. :)


I love your plates! Reminds me of the ceramics class I took about a thousand years ago. I might just look into that again!


Very cool! I love projects like that!


I love those plates!


Those dishes are beautiful. The shape is lovely and the leaves are perfect.

Talented, talented, talented...


Both are stunning!! Nice work!


Wow, the plates are just amazing & beautiful. The 3D piece is very cool. I'd just prop it mantel or shelf.


I love the plates. Your project for 3D class is really cool. You are making me nostalgic. Although it has been many years since I have been in Art School, 3D class was one of my core foundation classes for Industrial Design. I also had been making pottery since high school and was thinking about majoring in it.

You must be having so much fun.


those plates are great! what about hanging the relief piece? Not sure how sturdy/stable it is, but it would look really neat against a colored wall...


I love those dishes. I took an intro pottery class in college. The teacher's critique of my stuff was that it was too "crafty", not artistic enough. He would love those dishes, though. Well, who wouldn't? They're gorgeous. The 3d project is really cool, too. Actually, I think you could teach that teacher a thing or two about how an eye for crafting can make for a very fresh and interesting approach to art.


I LOVE your plates! They're gorgeous!


Wow! Your ceramics look FAR better than the crud I produced in art school. And oh... how I remember the foam board... My suggestion is to photograph and toss those projects. I kept mine around lugging them from college apartment to college apartment until finally I just threw them out.

Fun stuff!


Wow, maybe it's because I've been shopping already, but all of those would make wonderful gifts.


Very cool--I know I'm impressed!


The plates are lovely, and I really like the relief piece. I like how you took a traditional design and played with it. The shifting depth in the four quadrants is really interesting, and the play of light and shadows is great. Makes me think of Art Deco.

What about finding a nice wide frame for it. Maybe in a beatiful rich color that would go with your decor. It would make it pop and be sort of like the edging on a quilt. I really think you should hang it up somewhere.


the plates are fantastic! A ceramic class sounds like so much fun.
Love the 3d image too, way to use your knitterly resources :)


You do have talent there! Knitting...ceramics...3D art...

cool design

i have a bunch of those foam boards and i was looking for ideas on what to do with it ...i dont kno if anyone else said this but u should put a colored light behind it and hang it on your wall

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