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October 12, 2007



I'm with you. When that gut feeling says "not quite right", best to listen. They are beautiful in both incarnations though! :)


That gut feeling is usually right! When I ignore it, I usually end up doing a lot of ripping. Plus, I think the sock looks much better on 1.5s! Beautiful combo of yarn and pattern.


always listen to the knitters gut instinct. it's usually right!


It's best sometimes to rip out and get the result you want. Why haven't I learned that yet?! I love that blue. I'm sure they will be fabulous.


Way to listen to the little knitting voice. I'm starting to think I should've used 1.5s instead of 2s for my Drunken Bee.

Oh, and what yarn is that? It's really lovely.


That was a smart approach! I find that 1.5 is almost always right for me... my favorite size.


The Chalets are jinxed! I just left a comment over at Ashley's [dogged]. She's on her 4th go...


You know, between you and Ashley, I think I've been convinced to stay away from that pattern for a while. It has too much bad karma associated with it!!!


I think the socks and the yarn combo - are gorgeous! Nice job - and nice patience!


You and Ashley must have some vodoo Chalet karma going between you.


I hope this one fits much better!


They're both beautiful, kudos to you for listening to your instinct!


If I question anything at all about my knitting...if the thought, "I wonder if I should just rip back" enters my head at all, I might as well go ahead and do it. Ugh! It stinks being a perfectionist!


*Dies of the cuteness of the super-small cables*

Smart move.


Good decision. Worry-free knitting is a must. The Chalet pattern rocks!

Susan Pandorf

I can't count the number of frogging sessions I (enjoyed?) during the design process of my Cherry Country shawl.

Hang in there. It's going to be lovely in the end. You'll know when it's right.



Yes, but see, you are only supposed to knit it once.... I love this pattern, and the color you chose is gorgeous.


That's so much better than my usual approach - worry, worry, worry, then knit the entire sock anyway and finally admit that it's too small when the darn thing is already done. Sigh...one of these days I'll learn...

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