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October 16, 2007



beautiful! great pics too. i didn't know as much about the details of this sock until i saw your pics (mini gusset! cable that goes up the back!)

and i know i said it before, but i think tess sock yarn is one of the best sock yarns you can give to a knitter. fun to knit. great to wear. love it love it love it.


I really like the detail down the back of the leg.


That is gorgeous!


What gorgeous socks!


That sock is absolutely beautiful. I'm sure your friend will love it and love making it too!


Great color and pattern. I like how the details really pop out.


I love this color and pattern! It is beautiful. Do you want to meet up at Rhinebeck?


that is stunning. the color and all those twisted stitches! i have been wanting to make that pattern for a while...


It's a gorgeous sock, and I'm glad you got the pattern to work out... but I'm more taken by the beautiful color! Love it!


Amazing gorgeous sock! This knit up so quickly, you must have had on your robot hands!


Beautiful! I can't decide which I love more - the yarn or the pattern. Don't you kind of want to make the second one, just a little bit?

Susan Pandorf

Cute idea- knit one, give her the pleasure of knitting the other. Sure cuts down on single sock syndrome. Perhaps we should form partnerships or co-ops so we would never have to knit two of the same thing.

Of course, then there would be custody issues (sigh...)



It's gorgeous. I think you've conviced me to add that pattern to my ever-growing list of socks I gotta make!


It's fantastic. And you really flew through the knitting. Lucky sock friend. Lucky sock friend!!


It came out great! So pretty! ::runs to add to queue::


Awesome! I can see that being a really fun pattern to knit (if I had four hands, I would be adding it to my Ravelry queue while I'm typing this)...and such pretty results!


It's beautiful! I love all those details, and the color of that yarn is just spectacular.


This is beautiful! She'll love knitting the second one!


Wow! That is really beautiful!


Very pretty! Lovely choice of yarn for the pattern. I don't think Nancy Bush can design an ugly sock.


Oooohh, gorgeous! [I knew I'd regret bailing out of this swap!]


You posted this so long ago, it had completely fallen off my radar--I mean, it was pretty and all, but I didn't even have an inkling that it would be for me! I love it, love it, love it. Thanks!!

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