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October 31, 2007



We need to be both process and product knitters most of the time. Good work!


I definitely fall into both categories, too. I find myself trying to keep a balance between interesting projects and highly wearable ones. And Bloom is most certainly the latter! It looks great on you, and I love the color.


I think I also fall into both categories. Bloom looks fabulous. You can wear it with so many things.


I give you credit for your stick-to-itiveness. I'm knitting a similar, boring sweater that I hope will be fantastic when done. It looks great!


It came out great! Congrats for slogging through despite the Rhinebeck goodies waiting in the wings. :)


I think I fall somewhere between "process" and "product" knitting, too. I definitely enjoy the process, and seek out projects that will teach me interesting new techniques and such, but in the end, I only finish the ones I can imagine myself wearing/using/etc. But on the other hand, it hardly matters how much I want to wear something...if I think the process won't be any fun at all, then I usually give up before I even really start.


Looks great, and so wearable! I love grey, and silky-wool is so nice.

Although I like to knit things that are wearable/usable, I have so little knitting time, that I tend to choose projects that are interesting to knit. I have no commute time, so I seldom need easy knitting. Usually I want something complicated enough (at least for me) to distract me the rest of life!


It's perfect!


I'm like you. I fall somewhere between being product and process knitter.
Your bloom looks great on you. It looks like it was well worth pushing through the endless stockinette.


What a great sweater piece - good job - to struggle through the stockinette. What a practical item. I wish I were snuggled in it right now:)


It looks wonderful! I'm 100% product knitter. I believe miles and miles of stockinette can pay off in the end. We all need our stockinette projects. Not everyone can do fancy knitting all the time!


bloom looks great! it fits you well and the color is so versatile. as for product vs process, i have a post brewing on this very topic...


Your Bloom is fabulous and it looks so nice on you! Brava!


I love this! Looks fab on you! I think I definitely fall into both categories too!


I am a little bit of both too, Kristy. And I really like bloom. It looks like it will be a really functional piece of clothing.


Hey, did you know that your sweater matches my new socks? Hee. That looks really great on you!


Love the vest! I'm definitely more of a process knitter...


It's cute, and perfect for falll!

I'm such a process knitter that it's not even funny.


It's gorgeous! Congratulations on slogging through and finishing such a wearable piece.


Blooms looks terrific! Great sweater/vest and I got to see Bloom when it was a wee baby of a sweater at the Ravelry party.


It's so cute and looks great on you! Well done. You're going to get lots of wear out of it.


That is gorgeous. Congrats on all that stockinette.

Liz K.

Very modern looking.


Looks great! I started Bloom last winter, then freaked out when I couldn't find my 4th ball. Then found it in the middle of summer when it was too hot to knit a wool vest. Which I guess means it's time now!


great knit - simple and functional!!!

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