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September 09, 2007



I like those pictures! :)


Wow! It turned out great, Kristy! And you knitted that up pretty darn quickly, too. I love the colors :)

And the pictures are pretty great, too.


I think it's wonderful! The varied striping is unusual and makes the sweater even more flattering on you. A year ago I would have freaked thinking about steeking, but now it seems to make so much sense! Great job on the sweater.


Your tweedy sweater looks great on you. The steeked neckline works very well.
Nice job!


Very nice! I particularly like the striping sequence, which is a wonderful trick. The colours are perfect -- yay for green and purple!


Wow, you totally rock. A steek neckline? I think you've proved your knitting skillz. Damn. I'm so impressed. That would have sat in my WIP pile out of sheer terror of cutting...

It looks great too!!! I love, love, love stripes!!!!!!!


That sweater looks fantastic, and it looks fabulous on you! Congrats.


wow. that turned out great! it fits wonderful, i love the color combo and the stripes are so fun!


It looks fabulous! I admire you for doing the steeking. I still have not figured it out, and even if I did, I don't know that I'd be brave enough.


Great sweater! (And pictures!:) I'm really hesitant to steek so it's good to know that I can start out with a smaller area like a neckline.


You should be so proud. That is really impressive!


Very cool sweater!

It's funny, 'cause Jake and I are moving, so I had to haul all of the "nearly there" sweaters out of a closet last night - I may just finish one of them after seeing your FO!


It looks wonderful- a perfect fit and the knitting looks fab!


You look *so* happy in those pics! ;) The sweater looks great and I am still so impressed with your steeking bravery!


Great job! The fit is perfect & flattering. I love the way the stripes worked out. Hopefully the weather will cooperate so you can wear this sweater soon.

Christy/ Not Hip

It looks great. I really like the striping. I generally avoid horizontal stripes, but I think this system would flatter me also, emphasizing the chest rather than hips.

Beth S.

You're finished already?!... That was fast!

The graduated stripes are really, really cool. Love it!


Oh, it turned out so well! The neckline looks perfect, and I'm definitely a fan of the graduated stripes.


You did a great job with the tweedy striped sweater, Kristy! I think you are all set for the first chill of fall!


Fabulous! The neckline is perfect! Great colors for the stripes too.


It looks great! We had some unseasonably cool weather today - would have liked that sweater:)


Impressive it is! Great job! The stripes turned out fantastic.


Wow, that turned out really well! Great job! I hope the cool weather arrives soon.

Liz K.

I love that stripe sequence. Clever knitter!


its awesome! Just the ticket for a nice fall day!


Super cute! And SO fall! And it was such a great touch to add the decreasing sized stripes. And steeked neck? Clever girl.


Perfect fit, and I love the design touch with the striping. Gorgeous!

pamela wynne

Well done! Such a cute basic sweater, and congrats on your first steekwork!

Also, I almost didn't see the graduated striping at first -- I just thought, "my, what a flattering fit." Must mean your clever styling is doing its job. :)


It's a beautiful sweater and it looks great on you! Brava! And Kudos to David for taking such great shots!


It all came out so well! The colors, the striping, the v-neck, the fit -- all fantastic. Great job!


Great sweater!


What a wonderful sweater! The colors look great together and the fit is fantastic. Well done!


Beautiful colours and design - the striping is oh-so-clever!

PS: Great photos, David.


Looks great, very flattering.


The sweater turned out fabulous! I knew I was going to love those colors together when you brought them to SnB!


It looks completely fantastic.

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