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September 15, 2007



I must have totally walked past you today. I went up there too. I ended up with some lovely handspun from Duck Flats Farm from a Ram named "Spotty". It's like a brownish,grayish color. The angora bunnies and porcupines were my favorite. The baby was ADORABLE next to his Pooh doll.


Hmmm, I didn't have the time to get there today. Perhaps I should try to go tomorrow.

Good choices for your yarn. I love the one over at Flintknits.


Those are awesome pictures! Now I want to go to Rhinebeck too. That's great yarn. I, too, am yearning to make the drops sweater.


OOooh I like the cabled sweater. But look who is saying that. ;) Great to see you and your man today! :)


Oh, my! Those horns!!

pamela wynne

Awesome pictures! I need to go to a fiber fest one of these days!

I vote for the Drops sweater (and not just because I'm so in love with mine). I think that tweed is so darn pretty and so multicolored that the cableyness of Glampyre's pattern might be too busy for it. What do you think??


Did that animal have 3 horns? So weird! I vote for the drops sweater too!


What a fun little fest - I am left stumped about why a porcupine was there? Cute though:) I vote for the Drops sweater! But both are fabulous!


That festival looks like so much fun, but what kind of fiber do you get from a porcupine??


hee! love the porcupine! I guess it really couldn't cuddle up to another porcupine, huh? :)

that red will be beautiful for either sweater - can't wait to see what you pick!


I love both of those sweaters...not sure which one I'd choose...love the cables of the first one, but would probably wear the second one more...


Lucky! I'm jonesing for Rhinebeck. My jaw dropped when I saw the Drops 103-1 sweater pattern. LOVE IT! I'm going to order that pattern today and I think I even have some stash yarn I can use. The wee porcupine is beyond cute.


Those are some horns on that one sheep! Why were the turkeys there? Is there some turkey fiber I don't know about?

Pretty yarn! I'm considering the DROPs cardi myself. Stephanie's is a nice design too, but I look terrible in raglan sleeves, so I need to stick to a set in.


These pictures are great! Those are some impressive horns.


my vote if for the drops cardigan, but only because I want to cast on for it so badly....

Beth S.

I can't believe it... I was there too, both days! And we could have met! *sob*

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