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September 06, 2007


Liz K.

You teased us with the mention of the picot cuff - no pic! Wah!

Of course, I sympathize with how difficult it is to take pictures of ones own feet. And kittens.


He-he! What a fun post and a wonderful way to showcase your socks and of course, kitten.

Were you able to get the footprints off your craft table? If not, they do have a certain charm. . .


lucky you got them both in the same place at the same time! kitties and hand knit socks are the perfect comforting combination!


Monkeys and kittens - both beautiful!


Love the Monkeys and the kittens together! Your socks are really pretty, and the kittens adorable : )


too cute! philana seems to be growing quickly.


really cute post :)

and...you finished another pair that's a former single-sock!


Beautiful socks!


The stray kittens we had ran away! I am totally bummed. Anyways, yours is soooo cute. And I've wanted to buy that colorway of Apple Laine for a very long time - it looks great knitted up!

Beth S.

Aieeeeee, the cuteness!... Seriously, I am dying to pat that soft little kitten and listen to her purring. Human babies do absolutely nothing for me, but CAT babies are the softest, sweetest, funniest things ever. (Except at night, when they want to pounce on your vulnerable toes under the bedsheets... that's not so cute. How does such a tiny creature have such sharp little claws?)

And the Monkeys are pretty sharp, too! ;-) I feel like the only knitter in blogland who hasn't started a pair yet. Soon...


Very cute post! Love the socks and the kitties, of course!


I love the photo where all [6] feet are tangled up!


Your Monkeys and kittens are beautiful!


Great FO post! And I heart your sweet new kitty.


How funny! Cute socks and kitty!


Fabulous Monkey Socks and great post! It took Philana no time at all to learn how to pose for blog photos. Sasha seems a bit put out by Philana hogging the socks and camera lens.


Cute kitten, cute socks, very cute post. Good work on the socks!


LOL! Great post! And the socks look fabulous too! :)


Your kitty's coloring is so cool! The monkeys look great too. You know I love that pattern!


Excellent and creative FO post! Funny AND cute - what a combination!

Susan Pandorf

Just don't forget which is which. Wouldn't want to put the monkeys in the litterbox or the kitten in the wash...


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