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September 05, 2007



I am glad your dad is on the mend Kristy. Also, I love all theis yellowness. It makes me want to go knit something yellow. And eat cheese, but that is just me.


I'm so glad to hear that your dad is on the mend! That field is such a beautiful distraction.


so pretty! how can you look at those pics and not be happy? great news about your dad, too!


What a nice, cheery post! Great news about your dad. We all need to remember to stop and smell the flowers sometimes...


Glad to hear about your dad- what a great field of flowers.


Great pics! Glad to hear your Dad is on the mend. Big hugs!

Beth S.

I love monarchs. Lucky you, to have stumbled across so many at once! :-)

And I'm glad to hear that your dad is on the mend.


Yay for your dad! And yay for you for taking the time to enjoy the beautiful field!


Great news and great photos! I'm behind on Ravelry too. Looking forward to seeing sweater and socks!


Glad to hear your dad is doing better - what a relief - helps you enjoy those beautiful flowers even more!


yay! we love good news! that field is amazing! one of those "stop and smell the roses" kind of things....


I'm glad to hear your father is on the road to recovery. Huge sigh of relief!!


Wonderful news! And your post was such a great reminder to stop and let beauty into our lives. Thanks!


Lovely pictures. I'm so glad to hear things are looking better for your dad!


Glad you stopped too. I think those yellow flowers may be some sort of coreopsis or maybe a type of cosmos. Whatever, they are lovely!

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