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September 28, 2007



I love those fall colors. And who is sending you mean emails?; you're so nice!

Have a great weekend.



That's why I won't be wearing a brand new sweater at Rhinebeck- I just haven't FELT like it. And that's okay.


I can't blame you a whit. That's some scrumptious yarn.

Christy / Not Hip

so true...indulge!


The yarn looks lovely all knit up! I have to admit I was very disappointed when I opened up this installment of the Booty Club -- not my colors at all. But it actually comes together quite nicely and does look very autumnal.


It's so pretty! Do you makes you feel good. I'm sorry you got a mean e-mail!


I am with you - sometimes "doing the right thing" is just a drag:) Go crazy!


I agree... if you can't indulge yourself once in awhile, what's the point.

Liz K.

I am so with you. Indulgent Knitters Club?


Indulge away girl!


Hi, I just found your blog. Your stuff all looks great. I *love* the colors of this new sock yarn, it's amazing stuff.

But I'm most excited to see all of the new Bordhi sockitectures--I just got the book and I'm anxious to play around!


Butternut looks so warm & cozy! I definitely need the knitting reality check once in a while too. This weekend I had to tell myself to slow down and enjoy the projects on the needles and stop thinking about the next thing.


Those colors make me think of peanut butter cups! They were always my trick-or-treat favorite. Very pretty autumn colors.

Out of your list, sock knitting is the best place to indulge yourself.


I have never thought of it that way! Thanks for making me feel better for the choices I make with knitting...my one true indulgence!


:) socks and knitting are the best place to indulge!!!!!


as long as you have enough coordinating/matching socks to keep your feet warm when you need to, there is no reason to force yourself to keep your single sock count low if you don't want to...but that's just my opinion :-)

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