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August 25, 2007



Kristy, your Ocean Toes looks great! I just got Cat's new book too, and am dying to try it out, but I have way too many projects on the needles to add another.

The heel looks fabulous!


That looks really interesting! Looking forward to getting that book.

Guess what I did today?!? Spun! Eek!


Oooh, very pretty sock! Love the color.


What an amazing sock - I need to get a closer look at this book, everyone is raving!


Very cool! That was my favourite sock in the whole book ... definitely a must-do!!


very cool! hopefully i can see it in person later this week :)


Wow, that looks incredible. I particularly like the toe. I'm not daring enough to try anything other than plain old cuff-down socks. Otherwise, they end up in my pile of misfit knits. Great job.


Wow! That is gorgeous!
I just ordered Cat's book this week-
now I can't wait :)


How very cool!


Fab sock... I looked at this book recently in my lys and almost bought it too. It seems so interesting.


Wow, that sock is great! Very interesting - and the yarn really shows off the design. Great job! I'll have to have a look at that book.


Oooh, what a pretty sock! Thanks for all of the pictures of the construction...I've been thinking of getting that book but have wanted to see more of what's in it before I do.


I've been eagerly awaiting my copy of Cat's new book to arrive in the mail. Seeing your new sock makes me anticipate it's arrival even more enthusiastically. Beautiful - and fascinating in its construction.


You did a magnificent job! I just finished this forst chapter and perused the patterns. What a book, no? I feel so enlightened! Yours looks just like the book's!!!

pamela wynne

That pattern is really, really neat! Thanks for explaining the crazy heel so clearly. I hadn't heard about Cat's book -- will have to look it up!


Gorgeous! I've been eyeing Kat's new book. The architecture is very interesting indeed.


What a fascinating pattern! I love the purl stitches incorporated in... a rarity in socks.


Very cool! Is it comfortable?

I'm having a devil of a time finding the book available anywhere. I don't think the first print run was large enough.


Cool sock!


Fantastic construction! I'm curious to see more...


Thanks for this detailed post about this really awesome sock. I really need to get this book.

Your sock looks awesome!


Having seen this in person, it really is amazing architecture and beautiful too!


how cool is that??!!?? I saw her on TV demonstrating one of her new constructions - I'll have to get that book....it looks really neat!


That is SOOO cool. I just got the book this weekend - I can't wait to try this!!!


Really, really cool!

Liz K.

I've been so curious about this book. I mean, what "new pathways?" Don't you just love that there are just endless possibilities in knitting?


Very nice! Those socks are very different looking. I like them in that colorway too.


Whoa! So cool! Do you think it's the kind of pattern where you can use the same basic "recipe" to knit different socks using the same basic construction? And adjust the measurements to fit different size feet (like wide heel, narrow ankle, etc)?


That sock is extremely interesting. And a great match for the yarn pirate yarn! I wasn't planning on picking up the book, but now I'm totally intrigued.


That sock is awesome! I like it, and it looks great!

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