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July 25, 2007



you have a very lucky sock pal. i'm jealous! i LOVE the socks!


Very pretty socks! Thanks for the link to the pattern. I'm sure you pal will love them.

Christy / Not Hip

Good Work on being done. I'm sure she'll love them.


They're lovely! They look wonderful with that pretty bag. Such fun colors. Your pal is going to love them. Did you make that sock wrapper yourself?


Nice job avoiding down-to-the-wire knitting! (I'm jealous -- I have most of a sock left to go.) I think your pal's gonna love them.


I think they came out great. I love that pattern; I'll have to tuck it away on my list of projects.


that is one colorful package!!!! i know it would make me smile to open it!!!


Your sock pal will love the socks and cute bag. The Loksins turned out great with variegated yarn. Now you can get back to knitting mates for your single socks.


love them!!! Your pal will too!


Congrats on being done! Good call on knitting the first couple of repeats on a larger needle size, I need to start remembering to do that with my socks.


Beautiful! I'm sure your pal will be thrilled. :) See you soon!


Please stop by and check out my blog post for today. I was nominated for the Rockin' Girl Blogger award! In turn, I have to nominate 5 other ladies to receive this award. I chose you as "one of my 5". :) Come steal my Rockin' button award and pass it on. Thanks for being such a GREAT girl blogger!!



Perfect socks! I really like the coordinating bag you made too. Your pal will be very pleased!


So bright...I love. The bag is great with it and the little sock sleeve...perfect! I'm sure your pal will love it. :)


Great socks! I like that you coordinated the bag too.


Those socks are rad!!! I love how the bag matches them. Beautiful fun colors and textures!


Hi there! I enjoyed meeting you at the SnB tonight (Wed). Those are some very, very colorful socks; I think the pattern goes great with the yarn. Oh, and by the way, I saw your 11 sock singles down below, and they all look awesome!


they're gorgeous! i can't wait to see what your pal thinks. btw, did you make the bag? it matches *perfectly*


The socks look really adorable and the bag is so, so cute!

Beth S.

I love how the batik fabric coordinates with the socks. I guess your pal enjoys color! ;-)

pamela wynne

So cheery! The STR hardly pooled at all, and your packaging for them is perfect -- lucky pal. :)


Those are so gorgeous!I just know they should be mine...


Love the socks!! the colors are great!!


Awesome socks! the colors rock. and I just bought the pattern and was wondering what it would look like in bright colors. wish I was your pal. thanks for the inspiration.


That is one fantastic pair of socks! You have a lucky, lucky sock pal!


those are really cools socks - like them



The look great Kristy! And yay! You're done!

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