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June 20, 2007



What a great pattern, and the picot edging is just the right modification. Thanks for the inspiration yet again.


DAMN, those are bright. My sock pal has very similar taste to my own, which made yarn and pattern selection easy, but I think knitting something way outside your usual range would be fun too. Sort of liberating.


Oh! Those are going to be FANtastic!


Looks like you're exactly on the right track!


Outrageous is an excellent way!

How stretchy is the Loskins leg? I have some very "shapely" and some very thin ankles and calves to knit for (fortunately on two different people). If you could give me a ballpark compared to say a 2x2 rib or stockinette I would be very grateful.


Those are great! The pattern works well with the yarn!


ummm yummy! I think I like a little outrageous myself!


Heh. Lucky charms. ;-)

Although I never would have thought to do it, the pattern looks great in that yarn. Good for you, going for the outrageous. If I wasn't allergic to picot edges, I'd consider trying it.


I would love them if they were for me.


Oohh Sacha's right. It reminds me of fruity pebbles cereal!


It took me a while to realize that the yarn was primary to the pattern of the sock. I think your pal will ove it! It's outrageous!


Outrageously beautiful!

Susan P

One of the best things about knitting for others is the chance to knit something you would never, ever wear. A lot of the bright colors are so much fun to work on, but I trend towards neutrals in my wardrobe.

A couple years ago, I knit my then teenage son a sweater that he fondly refers to as "the tye dye sweater" out of a particularly bright color run of Noro Kureyon. He loves it and routinely requests additional bright items whenever he sees me working on that kind of project.

The monkeys I'm doing right now are so bright, I'm not sure I'll ever wear them, but I am sure that someone will.

Isn't it great that we get to try out flashier personas once in a while? And all for only an $18 investment!



Those are amazing!


I love them! Though it's fruit loops that came to mind for me :-) But since I LOVE bright colors, it's probably not surprising that I think they rock! And yay for knitting outside your comfort zone!


Fruity Pebbles & Trix. Your pal should be overjoyed to get those socks! Never seen Loksins in a multicolor and I really really like it. They are BRIGHT!

Beth S.

I've been wondering about that colorway, and Knitty Rocks. I see this one is just as bright as I suspected it might be. ;-)


Wow, I'm so in love with that color! I think your pal is going to adore them...I sure do. :D


Your pal will love them!


I love those socks! Here's hoping I'm your pal!


What a great match! I think they definitely fit the "outrageous" bill!!!!


Oh! I *love* those! In fact, so much - that I went out & bought the pattern, so that I could use it for my pal. :)

Although, my version is in a much more subdued leafy green colorway (I did decide to keep the Sundara yarn for myself & bought this green special for my pal)

Thanks for the inspiration!!


I'm making Loksins! too right now. I'm doing a 2x2 ribbed cuff, but I did think a picot edge would be really cute. I figured I'd do a picot edge next time I make this pattern. She's gonna love them! That is, if you find yourself able to part with them. :)


I absolutely love the socks!! One advantage to knitting for others is the chance to live on the edge and step out of my "comfort zone". Nice job!!

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