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June 08, 2007



red velvet is a great idea for a wedding cake! i love creative wedding cakes. so much better than that buttercream mess :)


Okay, that made me hungry! Have a great weekend.


I want the cheese! :D

Have a good weekend!


OK. Now I have to back ginger snaps this weekend. You are fortunate to have such a friend! I can see why you are excited. Sounds like a great idea for your wedding cake!


I'm hungry now, too! She sounds like a wonderful friend to have.

Susan P

Wow! That's some good lookin' eye candy (or should I say eye cookies, eye cheese, and eye cake?) You're makin' me hungry. Must be time for lunch...


pamela wynne

oh, YUM!


Those cookies look yummy! That's so sweet that she is making your wedding cake. I've never had red velvet, what does it takes like?


What a luscious looking cake! My mother is exceptionally good at cake decorating and made a non-traditional one for my wedding, with cascades of flowers in every hue.


Damn that food looks good! Red velvet cake! Yeah!


Yes! The cheese... And the cake!

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