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June 27, 2007



yep - that for sure counts as outrageous!!!!! it is awesome!!!!!!!


Hooray for the return of the single sock!


Wow. I don't quite know what to say. You are hardcore!!! Just think how little work you'll have to do to get 11 PAIRS of socks now! That's how I cope with SSS. I think you win, btw. ;-)


If I was your Sockapalooza palooza I'd eat you up for knitting me such great socks!
I LOVE the Loksins! pattern and I LOVE the Sherbet colour! It's beautiful together!


I LOVE how they turned out. I just finished Loksins! and it's such a fun pattern!

Christy / Not Hip

He he, love the Jordan joke...crocheting single socks. The only problem is you also never be as good at knitting single socks again.


Your socks are so pretty!!! I think your pal will love them!


Again, totally love sock pal socks!! Well, love them all.

Yes, it stinks that I have to start again, but, like you, I have a fav needle and I'll get to use them now instead of the ones I didn't like.

I am really thinking about getting that pattern!


Your pal should love that sock! I sure do. That's a happy family of 11 socks. All lovely. So you're going to knit mates for all those socks?


I love that pattern! The colors are so summery!


I knew you'd get to 11!! :-)

Danielle M

Wow, that color is gorgeous!!


That is quite the nice collection you have there. I love that Loksins pattern.


That STR behaved quite nicely! And those colors are brilliant.


Love your sock pal sock! You should break with tradition and knit the second one of this pair...

pamela wynne

Truly, truly, truly outrageous. And I love seeing all the single socks lined up like that! We'll miss you in the Movement, but you've definitely paid your dues. :)


Gosh, I'm still stuck on 4! So, you'll now start on their mates, right?


I love. Seriously.


What a way to end your SSL movement! The socks are fantastic!


Congrats on the eleventh single! So outrageous, and also a fun match with the pattern. Gives it such a different look than the original, but it really works.


Fabulous sock! I was wondering what Loskins looked like in a multi-colored yarn, and there you have done it. It is outrageous in the best possible way.

You were clearly meant to knit 11 singles before stopping. And the patterns and yarn will all seem new again.


Perhaps it's good that you're leaving us in the Movement. You've definitely outdone us all. 11!! That's quite something.

Susan P

Ah yes. The long feared end of single sock syndrome for eleven stitches.I will have to locate another enabler...



looks great! i love how your mini sock-quilt pic at the bottom.

sorry you didn't like the magic loop as much as DPNs. i will say i prefer the knitpicks circs because they're so bendy. but i think you're like me -- but different ;) -- in that you can do either method but will always come back to DPNs.


That's a wild sock, alright...Your sock pal will love it!


Truly outrageous!


Wow, I love those socks for your pal - I have some of that Sherbet - it is wild! Good luck retiring from SSS, I have no advice as I have such a growing sigles club of my own:) BTW, thanks you for coming by my blog and linking me to your awesome socks! They are all fabulous!

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