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May 14, 2007


rita n/

Oh my gosh...i totally love the green and purple socks. where did you get the yarn? what kind is it? pretty pretty!


Love that Sundara - I am so joining the next time she opens the club up! It's the only one where I have loved pretty much every yarn and pattern!!!

Good job choosing a pattern for the STR - the ribbing shows it off wonderfully!


Love the last photo with the pretty socks. I finally got my Dahlia sock yarn on Friday. I was as in love with it as I was with all the previous colorways. But I am changing my mind now that I see it knitted up. It's very pretty.


Your sock are all just beautiful! I love the stitch patterns and colors you've been using. Just Beautiful!


That STR Silkie Walk on the Wild Side yarn knits up so beautifully. I ordered some in the Ruby Slippers colorway. The single socks are just gorgeous!!


I thought the movement had died! What a lovely "pair" of socks! I was a little nervous about the last Sundara shipment, but seeing yours knitted up has me inspired!


Absolutely beautiful! Love what you did with the WOTWT Silkie.


They're both gorgeous! And, yes, you did surprise me with the title. Those Dahlia socks are lovely! Where could I get the pattern? I haven't started the spiral boot socks yet, but I think they're my next sock project. I plan on making them tall like the pattern, but I really like your modification. And I'm super impressed by how you figured it out. You're a clever, clever girl!


You crack me up! Beautiful socks. I couldn't bear the single-ness so went ahead and finished the SS! Sorry, I'm a piker, I know! :)


GORGEOUS!!! Both of them! (I am in both clubs too!) I love how they came out. I am still deciding if I should have the dahlia stitch pattern run up the back or the side instead. Do you think that would work out?


I like all your single socks...pretty!


Those turned out GREAT!!!! You convinced me to use my Monsoon to do that Boot Sock.

pamela wynne

wow, you're going crazy with the single socks! I've got to step it up...


Who ever said that a pair of socks must match? I love your pattern choice for WotWT.


Oohhh... lovely lovely socks (even if they're singles!)


I love all your single socks lined up in a row. Perhaps you can be bold and wear a non-matching set?

I can't wait to see what you're cooking up for Sockpalooza. I think I'm going to create my own pattern, too, but I haven't started yet.


Beautiful as always! I think you definitely qualify as a sock knitting machine.

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