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May 01, 2007


pamela wynne

yay for single socks! I'm right there with you. :)


Yay! I'm so very happy to see my One-Woman Single-Sock Liberation-Movement in action! Woo! It can now officially be called : Two-Women Single-Sock Liberation-Movement! Sweet!

PS: I can't wait to see which sock yarn ended up being the favorite...


Both socks look great! I'm impressed that you don't fear SSS. I'm pretty good about finishing my projects but I don't know that I'm THAT good! Happy travels!


Single socks unite! They are very pretty and I don't blame you for only wanting to knit one at a time. I'm too anal and start getting itchy if I don't finish a project all the way out.


That's it: I'm linking to you as an ETA!!


I don't think I can let myself work on more than two pairs of socks at a time. If I did I would put the singlets in a "safe place" that was so safe I'd never find them again.

The socks look wonderful! Such beautiful rich colors, too.


What a great plan! Summer is the right time to spread out your knitting, after all - unless you do so many single socks that you don't get back to the pairs by fall (that's what would happen to me!).


This actually sounds like a fabulous idea (despite the fear of not having a pair ever). Good for you for going for it! That travel to Maryland wouldn't involve a certain wool festival now would it? ;)


Sounds a bit scary to me (sss) but sounds like it will be fun and different. My only word of advice (and I feel I am telling a sock guru what to do) is to take copious notes on any and all changes you did to sock #1. I always think, "oh, I'll remember that I..." but I hardly ever do. Well, I guess this is only important if you are obsessive about your socks being perfectly matched (like me!).


That is a great idea - looks like you're well on your way to a bunch of singles! They are so pretty - I would have a very hard time picking a favorite to start with - maybe throw them all in a bag and grab one?


I could never do that, because just as Tanya described, I always make those little 'adjustments'. I do write them down on a post-it, but I sometimes have a hard time to understand what the * I meant a week ago, let alone two months (with other socks in between). And indeed my socks match perfectly. They have exactly the same amounts of rows and I make an adjustment to the star toe (folk socks) to have the star point in the reverse way.


The socks are gorgeous! I absolutely hear where you're coming from: so many wonderful yarns and patterns, so little time! I believe that you will finish the other half of the pairs before the cold weather returns. I doubt I could do that, though. But that's just me. All the more reason It's going to be fun to watch and live vicariously through you. Btw, did you see the pattern for the spiral boot socks in the new IK? It just went on my to-knit list.


That's pretty ballsy! There's no way I could do that, I'm much too uptight. Both of them are beautiful!


Awesome plan. And did you say Boston? We have many fine purveyors of sock yarn for single socks here in Boston. :)


Ah! A great idea indeed! I definitely missed this post, I'm really far behind.


Thanks for stopping by my blog! How do I join the liberation (HAHA!)?


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